Freight Forwarding
We ship seafood (at the request of the customer) from Seattle to points all over the United States. This is done using air or surface carriers depending upon the customers need. 
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Each air freight shipment is electronically tracked to its destination airport. If a deviation is detected in the routing we have requested, the air carrier is immediately contacted and an alternative routing is requested. This monitoring process has produced many ‘saves’ and it is a vital part of our customer service and claims prevention program 
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Movers of Washington is known as ‘the cold guys’. With much of the seafood season now encompassing the warm seasons throughout the nation, we are very sensitive to temperature control. When product is received by Movers of Washington from inbound air or surface carriers it is immediately placed under refrigeration.

Product temps are taken and recorded. If temps are ‘suspect’ appropriate people are notified and further instructions are requested.

We keep an inventory of cool guards (used in air carrier containers) and cool bags (for individual wet lock cartons) that have proven to be very effective in keeping product cool. Especially when moving product through or into hot areas of the country.
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Prepayment of Charges by Movers of Washinton
If the shipper doesn’t have a credit account setup with a particular air carrier, Movers of Washington will prepay air freight charges on the shippers behalf subject to credit approval. A nominal fee will be added and, such shipments must be insured. That will usually add several cents/lb to your shipping cost however, we feel the service is a good value and your shipping risk is reduced to near zero.
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Inventory System
We have developed an inventory system that allows us to account for every pound of product by net weight, size grade, and species received.

The system also allows us to provide information to whom the product was sold, on what carrier it was shipped, the air carrier bill of lading, the piece/weight/species sold and immediate invoicing of transportation costs (if prepaid to you).

At the end of each day, the product owner is provided a recap of what has been sold and what product is left in inventory. When a particular lot has been completely sold, the product owner is provided a recap of all transactions pertaining to that lot.

The product owner uses this information for a variety of purposes including confirmation that all product on a particular lot has been properly invoiced. 
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We recognize communication as being a major element in the successful shipping of any seafood shipment.

To be absolutely certain we understand the shippers instructions we ask that all instructions be transmitted by fax or email. We have a ‘shippers instructions’ format available that we can provide if you so desire.

When a shipment has been tendered to an air carrier, we send a facsimile airbill copy to shipper and consignee. This facsimile airbill copy includes air carrier used, air carrier airbill number, air carrier flight number, flight arrival time/date and all pertinent product information such as species, weight grade, and net product weight.
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