Air Carrier Packaging Requirements
Packaging is one of the critical issues related to shipping seafood.
Nothing will cause delays and compromise your product more quickly than ‘leakers’.

The problem has been brought under control in recent years however, it remains one of the biggest threats to customer satisfaction.

The major requirements of packing are as follows:
Use of any of the standard (wax impregnated) wet lock cartons.
Use of a 4 mil inner poly liner secured at top by a cinch or twist tie.
Banding of wet lock cartons with at least 2 bands if salmon, cod or shellfish (except king salmon).
Banding of wet lock cartons with at least 3 bands if halibut or king salmon packed in 80’s or 100’s.
These packaging requirements have prevented almost all instances of leakage. We keep a supply of wet locks and 4 mil liners on hand to repack any damaged or leaking wet locks