One of the most useful tools in providing low risk transport of your product to the buyer is our insurance program. Over the years many shippers have experienced problems getting satisfactory settlement of claims when shipping by air. Insurance coverage offered by our insurance carrier has provided a solution to much of that problem.

It must be understood, this insurance coverage is not an all risk coverage. That is, if a particular air carrier requires packaging that will maintain product temperature for 48 hours, coverage may not extend to product that has warmed during that period of time unless the insurance carrier is successful in negotiating a settlement with that carrier.

If a shipment is routed to a destination and makes all the connections that were requested and the product was found to be warm on arrival, chances are the insurance carrier would not make a favorable settlement since there would be no evidence of carrier negligence.

What the insurance coverage does for you (as opposed to air carrier declared value liability) is, it interjects the insurance carrier into the discussion as to whether there has been air carrier negligence. Generally, the insurance carrier will been more successful in bringing about a satisfactory result than you or I. Most customers feel the program has filled a need and that it has been a good value.