Effective September 1, 2022 our insurance carrier will no longer provide what has amounted to All Risk insurance coverage for seafood shipments by air.

Loss due to shortage or loss due to damage to contents as evidenced by outside container damage will still be covered.

Loss due to spoilage when shipping via air will no longer be covered by our insurance carrier.

Loss due to spoilage MAY still be covered by SOME air carriers if delay is LONGER than 48 hours as measured from the time a shipment is tendered to the air carrier at origin and checked in at the air carrier cargo facility at destination. However, our opinion is that this coverage will be spotty and unreliable and shouldnt be relied upon. Settlement would be up to the air carrier and on a case by case basis.

Some shippers have already taken steps to protect themselves from loss due to temperature abuse and we strongly recommend that for everyone.

Movers of Washington will still continue to act as your agent in filing claims on your behalf with the insurance carrier or the air carrier depending upon the circumstances.